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Title The Masters ( Russian Saga Book 2)
Publisher Endeavour Press
label Endeavour Press
Author Christopher Nicole
Release 2015-08-18
Type Kindle Edition
Brand Endeavour Press
Pages 310
Price £2.99
Category Historical

Lots of individuals visit the website to look for e-books they desire.Russia, 1894. A nation on the brink of war and revolution…

When Anna Cromb sailed into Port Arthur with her son Duncan in the summer of 1894 she anticipated a joyous family reunion with Prince Colin and Princess Jennie.

But when Colin has died of illness before her arrival, there is no such reunion, meeting only Jennie and her many children, Peter, Georgei, Catherine, Sophie and young Patricia.

Instead, she seems to come across the beginning of a war as the Japanese fight their way into the city.

Meanwhile, the children are growing closer and Georgei takes Duncan into the city to lose his virginity. But the next day, Duncan and Patricia grow even closer…

When the families decide to leave for Bolugayen, they await the English ship they plan to travel on.

But when the Japanese warships take over Port Arthur, the ship never arrives and they are stuck.

Is Port Arthur really impregnable?

Jennie is killed by the Japanese as they race back to their home, Georgei dies in a battle at the brothel and Duncan is arrested when he shoots two men to save a prostitute.

To save Duncan’s life and free him, Anna agrees to consider the deaths an accident but Patricia cannot forgive him for her brother’s death.

They return to Russia, but Anna sends Duncan home to America to keep him from Patricia. She is outraged, and starts to hate Anna…

Patricia gets involved with a revolutionary group, and is arrested, beaten and raped before escaping with the terrorists, a broken woman.

When Duncan returns to Russia and learns of her disappearance, he is furious and sets out to find her and marry her.

Can he find her in the depths of Serbia?

And once he does, is he capable of keeping her safe and happy?

Meanwhile, Anna has many choices of her own to make, especially when it looks like she is headed back to Port Arthur…

‘The Masters’ is the next thrilling installment of The Russian Saga series; a four-book fictional history of a Russian family, covering the century from 1853-1953.

Praise for Christopher Nicole:

‘…military saga covering the years from the Boer War through WW I. Bosoms still heave and legs still flash, but they’re background colour in the story of Murdoch Mackinder and his career in the family regiment’ – Kirkus Review [on The Regiment]

‘Well-researched…Evocative descriptions of scenery and edifices, and exact period dialogue’ – Historical Novels Society

Christopher Nicole (born 1930) was brought up in British Guyana and the West Indies. He was a prolific historical writer, both under his own name and pennames. His books include ‘The Command’, ‘The Regiment’ and ‘Sword of Fortune’.

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