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Title Death of a Tyrant (Russian Saga Book 6)
Publisher Endeavour Press
label Endeavour Press
Author Christopher Nicole
Release 2016-05-10
Type Kindle Edition
Brand Endeavour Press
Pages 256
Price £2.99
Category Political

Lots of individuals visit the website to look for e-books they desire.World War II has finally ended…

The Americans and the British both possess the atom bomb. And the Russians want a slice of the action.

But that’s the least of the problems in the Soviet Union.

The war might be over, but Josef Stalin is now terrorising the country as the undisputed master of Russia.

Or at least, he thinks he is…

Hated by many, feared by all, the Soviet’s supreme leader is becoming increasingly paranoid and increasingly dangerous.

He claimed victory for himself following the defeat of Nazi Germany, forcing his people to accept that the millions of Russians condemned to death in the infamous gulags was a price worth paying for the security of the Soviet system.

And now the time of reckoning has come.

The Bolugayevski family are exiled aristocrats who have long sought the downfall of the Bolshevik state.

Somehow, they survived the war and the purges of the 1930s.

A few escaped to America. Some remained, loyal to Stalin and Mother Russia. And one vanished, a tool to be brought forth to destroy Stalin forever…

Stalin’s hatred for the Bolugayevskis has long been common knowledge.

With the war over, he could finally focus his attention inward and he only had one goal in mind – to eliminate the last of the Bolugayevskis for good.

The task, naturally enough, is assigned to the head of his secret police – Lavrenty Beria.

But Beria’s ambitions reach far beyond what Stalin credits him with.

He has long dreamt of bringing down Stalin and taking his place as the most powerful man in Russia.

And it’s not long before Beria sees in Stalin’s feud with the Bolugayevskis the chance to finally bring his dream to fruition.

For the Bolugayevski family, it once more comes down to survival and it soon becomes clear that this time, not everyone will survive.

The only sure thing is that someday soon, Russia will see the Death of a Tyrant.

But will there be another ready to take his place…?

Praise for Christopher Nicole

‘Well-researched…Evocative descriptions of scenery and edifices, and exact period dialogue’ – Historical Novels Society

‘…told with smooth authenticity’ – Publishers’ Weekly

British author Christopher Nicole was born in the West Indies in 1930 and currently resides in the Channel Islands with his wife, Diana, who is also a novelist. He has written over 200 fiction and non-fiction books since 1957, including the best-selling, five-volume Caribee series. He primarily writes historical novels and specialises in series and sagas, and has won international acclaim for his work under several pseudonyms, including Max Marlow, Andrew York, and Alan Savage. Death of a Tyrant is the sixth book in his Russian series.

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