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Title The Traitor Within (Sword Series Book 6)
Publisher Endeavour Press
label Endeavour Press
Author Christopher Nicole
Release 2016-07-14
Type Kindle Edition
Brand Endeavour Press
Pages 244
Price £2.99
Category Spy Stories

Lots of individuals visit the website to look for e-books they desire.The truth always comes out…

After the glorious victory at El Alamein, Colonel John Warrey’s military record is an enviable string of accolades.

MC, DSO, Army Intelligence…

Now, however, the time has come for him to add Italian partisan to his chequered list of identities.

Signs of Italian unrest offer the chance to destroy the volatile accord between Il Duce and the Reich.

Warrey’s superiors are confident that he is the ideal man for the job and send him undercover via Switzerland to northern Italy.

His mission – to unite the partisans in time to participate in a coordinated joint attack with the allied invasion of Sicily on 10 July 1943.

With the beautiful but cold Annaliese Copparo, who has suffered more than her fair share at the hands of the SS, posing as his wife, Warrey makes his way into Italy.

But he soon finds himself confronted by people from all sides, who regard the English interloper with suspicion.

Meanwhile, his former colleague Margo Cartwright holds a bitter grudge against Warrey and is hungry for revenge.

Demoted while Warrey was decorated, she has every reason to wish for his downfall, and is determined to have him whatever the cost.

Things take an ugly turn when Cartwright draws Warrey’s wife, Aileen, who is entirely ignorant of the true nature of her husband’s work, into her plan.

Will their marriage survive the brutal exposure of either Warrey’s secretive work for his government or the violent nature of war…?

The Traitor Within is the sixth book in the thrilling Sword Series, featuring Colonel John Warrey.

Born in 1930, Christopher Nicole spent his early years in British Guyana and the West Indies — years that would later strongly influence much of his writing. He has written under a number of pseudonyms and many of his fifty novels are historical with a West Indian background. By on-line reading or downloading this electronic book on our internet site, you can enjoy the tale offered in the e-book. Allow’s get the e-book and review it in your spare time..