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Title The Regiment (Regiment Trilogy Book 1)
Publisher Endeavour Press
label Endeavour Press
Author Christopher Nicole
Release 2014-08-27
Type Kindle Edition
Brand Endeavour Press
Pages 384
Price £2.99
Category Subjects

Lots of individuals visit the website to look for e-books they desire.The Boer War is brewing in South Africa, and the Royal Western Dragoon Guards are bound for the front line.

In their ranks is the young subaltern Murdoch Mackinder, the latest in the long line of Mackinders who have, in their time, commanded the Royal Westerns across the whole of the British Empire.

Seeing battle for the first time against the Boers, Murdoch quickly and painfully learns that the British Army will need to find new ways of fighting modern wars, as the fear of a major European conflict grows ever stronger.

Rising through the ranks of his regiment and gradually becoming its most famous and decorated member, Murdoch also comes to see that much more than courage under fire will be needed to live his life as a soldier, and a man.

‘The Regiment’ is a brilliantly told story of military life that is rich in adventure and period detail.

‘…told with smooth authenticity’ – Publishers’ Weekly [on Amazon]

‘…military saga covering the years from the Boer War through WW I. Bosoms still heave and legs still flash, but they’re background colour in the story of Murdoch Mackinder and his career in the family regiment’ – Kirkus Review

‘Well-researched…Evocative descriptions of scenery and edifices, and exact period dialogue’ – Historical Novels Society [on another of Nicole’s novels, Manu]

Christopher Robin Nicole (born 7 December 1930 in Georgetown, British Guiana) is a prolific British writer of over 200 novels and non-fiction books since 1957. He wrote as Christopher Nicole under several pseudonyms including Peter Grange, Andrew York,Robin Cade, Mark Logan, Christina Nicholson, Alison York, Leslie Arlen, Robin Nicholson, C.R. Nicholson, Daniel Adams,Simon McKay, Caroline Gray and Alan Savage. He also wrote under the penname Max Marlow co-authoring with his wife, fellow author Diana Bachmann.

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